Physics Course Web Site Guide Line

  • The Physics Course Web Site Server is dedicated to serve web sites for courses currently offered by the Physics Department.
  • The instructor is solely responsible for all content, as well as publishing, updating and maintaining the course web site.   
  • Up to 100 MB file storage space will be provided for each course.  Additional space (more than 100 MB) can be arranged by contacting the server administrators.
  • Due to security, the server will only allow FTP from a departmental workstation with a specific name or with a static IP.  SFTP from any connection within the domain is also acceptable.
  • An instructor can apply for the course web site on this server by contacting the Server administrator, Physics OCS, at Please include the following information:
    • Your course name, number and term information
    • Your full name and unique name.
  • Once the request is sent to the administrators, and the class web site portal and URL will be created on the server.   An confirmation message will be emailed to the applicant with instructions on how to upload your web site files into the server.

Please contact Physics OCS with comments or questions regarding this web service.